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Hotel accountants may work with different kinds of taxes and budgets depending on the size of the hotel where they work, but they tend to perform the same duties overall:

  • Manage the Budget:

    The main duty of the hotel accountant is to monitor and manage the hotel’s overall budget. This is a broad responsibility that encompasses a lot of individual tasks and duties, such as monitoring expenses and making adjustments where necessary.
  • Process Payroll:

    The hotel staff need to be paid, and the hotel accountant is responsible for processing payroll. This is especially important to perform in a timely manner so the hotel staff can be paid appropriately.
  • Track Expenses:

    Hotel accountants track employee expenses through expense claims and company credit card purchases. Expense tracking is important for tax and reimbursement purposes. This can also help provide budgeting information so accountants can create future budgets.
  • Report Finances:

    Hotel managers and executives want to be informed on the overall finances of the hotel, and it’s the hotel accountant’s responsibility to create and present reports on these figures. As such, hotel accountants should be familiar with tracking and analyzing financial data.
  • Financial Auditing:

    From time to time, hotel accountants will perform audits on overall hotel operations. This includes auditing cash registers, credit card statements, and banking accounts. These audits ensure nothing out of the ordinary is happening with the hotel’s finances.

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