Create a account system which caters transparent and relevant information for your construction related needs.

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How can we help in your construction?

There are certain functionalities which are unique to construction companies. We provide following functions to the construction company as follows:-

  • Managing the preparation of monthly invoice packages for all billable projects, including all applicable backup.
  • Running monthly accounting meetings with the construction/project management team to review upcoming projections/billings.
  • Setting up new projects in Job Cost and the necessary spreadsheets daily.
  • Investigating the project variances and submitting these variance reports to the management.
  • Creating and submitting government reports and tax returns related to the construction project.
  • Overseeing and handling the creation and approval of all project-related billings to customers to foster good communication and avoid issues.
  • Reviewing project budgets, including fee structures, staffing, and work plans.
  • Ensuring a smooth cash flow by auditing, generating, and sending invoices promptly.

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